Declan Murphy / Founder & Director

Studio DMA was founded by a passion to create unique, beautifully designed and completed buildings.
Studio DMA poses a wealth of experience, operating at the highest level for some of the world’s leading design studios and has developed into a key position in the architectural high spec residential industry. We have delivered projects ranging in terms of size and scale around the world:

  • London
  • Dubai
  • Abu Dabhi
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Ethiopia
  • Nigeria
  • India
  • New Zealand

Having honed his technical and design capabilities working with many top London design studios while at DM Arch; Declan has now formed Studio DMA for the next challenge to merge these two fundamental elements together and create elegantly designed, detailed and executed buildings.

‘My objective at Studio DMA is to bring design / technical support and awareness to our clients & designers, therefore gaining efficiency, quality, economy & speed to assist and intertwine design and technical development, so we can create world class buildings and inspirational spaces to live and work.’

We believe our approach and mixture of creative and technical thinking allows us to produce & develop designs to the absolute highest level. Interwoven into our approach is a very clear vision and process which allows us to execute and deliver our designs.


Project locations


London | Dublin | Dubai | France | Uganda | Nigeria | India | New Zealand